Thy Art Is Murder

Human Target

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Thy Art Is Murder " Human Target" CD

Against this backdrop of postmodern dystopia, chaos, and confusion, arrives "Human Target", the earth-scorching fifth album from extreme metal titans Thy Art Is Murder. Australia's most brutally alarming cultural export since George Miller's Mad Max franchise makes music that serves as a loud last gasp against the ever-encroaching void. It's a blazing light of nihilistic despondency before the final darkness. Fusing authentic crushing death metal with blackened fury and flashes of knuckle-dragging stomp, Thy Art Is Murder exorcise the pangs of mortality and the pains of socio-political trauma. 



  • 1 Human Target
  • 2 New Gods
  • 3 Death Squad Anthem
  • 4 Make America Hate Again
  • 5 Eternal Suffering
  • 6 Welcome Oblivion
  • 7 Atonement
  • 8 Voyeurs Into Death
  • 9 Eye for An Eye
  • 10 Chemical Christ